Google plans to let you pay for bills by Gmail

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pony express-screen-shot-2015-03-24-at-12-54-07-pm

Hate the hassle of paying bills? What if you could pay them by email? It turns out that paying companies using Gmail is apparently, well according to Recode, a project that Google is currently working on.

Boasting the title of Pony Express the system lets users receive the bill by Gmail and then pay it rather than having to go off to a website.

The details of the new service were seen in a document leaked to Recode with the understanding that it will debut in the US in the fourth Quarter. No news obviously on when the UK will follow.

The trade off is that people will have to provide Google with lots more data about themselves which may enable the company to expand into industries such as personal finance or lending

This is clearly going to be a service to keep an eye on.

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