New PS4 system software will finally auto-install software updates


One of the most annoying things about the PS4 is when you have to download updates, and then before you can play a game, you have to wait for it to install them. The good news is that this might soon become a thing of the past.


According to ActionTrip, version 2.5 of the PS4’s system software will be pushed out tomorrow, and will add:

  • Backup and Restore HDD to USB
  • Improved Finding and Connecting with Friends
  • Share Earned Trophies and Optimize Your Trophy List, including removing games from list with 0%
  • Trophies and sharing Trophy screenshots when Trophy is earned
  • Improved Accessibility Options
  • Remote Play and Share Play now available for games running at 60 fps
  • Automatic Installation of Software Updates
  • Verified Accounts for game developers and community managers
  • Sharing via Dailymotion
  • Sub-Account Upgrades to Master Accounts

Apparently the Vita and PS app for phones will also be getting an update to accommodate the changes.

James O’Malley
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