giffgaff claims to have the lowest UK price on the HTC One M9

HTC, Mobile phones


Fancy a HTC One M9? Well it might be worth taking a look at what giffgaff is offering as the virtual network is claiming that it is selling the flagship mobile at a price that’s £10.98 lower than its main competitors.
The phone will be available for purchase from 10.30pm on Sunday 29th March, and are available for SIM-free for £569. It will be then dispatched on 31st March 2015 – the official launch date.

gifgaf says that the the new phone will come unlocked and will be accompanied by a giffgaff PAYG SIM.

if potential buyers don’t have all the money upfront then the network is also offering an option called RateSetter which enables members to select how much they pay at the start and whether they want to pay the rest back between six and 24 months.

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