Meet the ELF Selfie Drone

3D Printing, Drones

The future is going to be amazing. ELF is a tiny little drone (or “nano-copter”) with a built in a camera – and it is designed to take photos and video.

To control it, all you need is your smartphone – it works over bluetooth and wifi. What sounds incredible is that you’ll also be able to see real time video from the 720p camera – and the app will even support Google Cardboard, so you can steer your drone as though you were inside it flying yourself.

It also looks set to be highly customisable – with a 3D printed shell that doesn’t require soldering or screwing. It also set to be fully hackable and open source, so it will be interesting to see what the community comes up with.

The only downside is that each battery will only get you around 7 minutes of usage – though it appears that batteries will be swappable, so you can always carry around some spares.

You can find out more on Indiegogo (it has already smashed its goal), and the ELF itself looks set to ship in July for around $60.

James O’Malley
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