Nearly everyone who covered the Windows 10 announcement uses a Mac

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Poor Microsoft. Last night at the Windows 10 event, its executives had to look out on this crowd of journalists:


(The above photo was taken by James Herring on Twitter).

By our count that’s pretty much Macbooks all round – though we can also see four Surface Pro 4s, so it isn’t all bad.

Either way, it illustrates the hill Microsoft needs to climb with its new OS: Whilst it is still the dominant platform for most people, amongst elitist tech journalist types the Mac is very definitely the king. (I say, writing on a Macbook Pro…).

James O’Malley
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  • This is a big problem for Microsoft and Google’s Android – it is so hard to compete with Apple. Too may people are using Apple products and not enough using Windows or Android devices. What makes Apple different from Microsoft & Google, is that they make their own devices and OS and on’t allow their OS to be installed to other devices unlike Windows and Android. I don’t like that which makes Apple priopority. Microsoft & Google partners with companies to make the device.

  • Interesting that they are MacBook (Air or Pro) – not iPad’s (that was claimed to be going to take over the world just a year or so ago… the ‘Laptop / Convertible format (from traditional non touch, through Convertible (Yoga etc.) to Surface Pro 3 are clearly the productivity choice!

  • I am pretty sure they are Surface Pro 3 not 4s. Surface Pro 4 is not available yet. You kind of expect someone reporting for a Tech webpage to know that……

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