Apple is now selling as many phones as Samsung, apparently.

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Apple sold 74.5 million phones last quarter – which is about the same as Samsung according to one analyst, meaning that Apple could also be the number one phone seller, as well as the most profitable.


The claim is being made by Strategy Analysis Inc (by way of Bloomberg), and would be another reassertion of Apple’s dominance of the smartphone space.

Yesterday we, umm, reported the news that Apple made $18bn last quarter – the biggest profits by any company in history. Whilst Apple has long been the most profitable phone producer, Samsung has until won on absolute numbers of handsets sold – iPhones have always been thought of as expensive and elite devices.

In the same analysis, Lenovo is the third biggest phone seller in the world – since it bought Motorola Mobility from Google, and China’s Huawei is in fourth. Xiaomi, which only a few months ago was reportedly in third place is now down to sixth.

Tim Cook must be feeling pretty good today.

James O’Malley
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