Sony was forced to use old Blackberrys after the hack

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More details have emerged about the scene at Sony Pictures in the days following the major hack – including how the company continued to function during such a major meltdown.


According to Engadget in the days following the hack the company had to revert to using old Blackberry handsets. The reason for this is that Blackberry users a separate email system – which wasn’t compromised in the hack.

Apparently things were so bad that they couldn’t even pay salaries using electronic transfers, so had to print cheques like in the old days too.

Essentially this news confirms what we expected: It was a pretty devastating hack, all told. Apparently Sony’s systems should be up and running again in eight weeks, though at the moment the company still isn’t 100% sure it has now fully cut off the hackers. Terrifying.

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James O’Malley
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