Is the Palm brand about the make a comeback?

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Could we be about to see the biggest come back since the Wii revived Nintendo’s fortunes? It appears that Palm isn’t dead yet.


Palm was the major smartphone brand before there were smartphones. Devices like the PalmPilot and Trio pioneered many of the technologies that we take for granted in our phones today – but despite its best efforts, the company just couldn’t compete when the likes of Apple and Google arrived on the scene. The Palm brand has been passed between a number of companies since – and it appears that the latest company to try its luck with the name is little known Android device manufacturer Alcatel.

Digital Trends has spotted a new teaser website sporting the Palm logo, and has traced it back to Alcatel:

“Visiting shows the familiar Palm circular logo with the words “coming soon,” and “smart move,” underneath. The site is registered to a company named Wide Progress Global Limited, which apparently purchased the right to use the Palm brand from Hewlett Packard recently. One of the names attached is Nicholas Zibell, who is also Alcatel OneTouch’s president of operations in America.”

As Digital Trends notes, Alcatel isn’t hugely well known in the west – and in any case, it produces some fairly generic Android handsets. Perhaps having the Palm logo on its devices could help give it an edge in an ultra-competitive market?

We’ll let you know when we hear more – which we’ll bet is going to be at CES next week.

(The ZX Spectrum is also making a comeback soon too!)

James O’Malley
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