India blocks 32 popular websites – including Vimeo, Daily Motion and GitHub


Worrying news from India today as it has emerged that the government there has ordered Internet Service Providers to block 32 major websites – ostensibly because of the threat from ISIS (or ISIL, or Islamic State).


According to Quartz, the sites are being blocked for “Anti-India” content that had been posted by ISIS supporters – and that only websites that are cooperating with the government and removing the dodgy content is being unblocked.

Whilst everyone thinks that ISIS are dicks, we can’t help but be a little unnerved by the Indian government’s actions in this case. India, unlike say China, has been a functioning pluralistic democracy for decades… and you’d think that freedom of expression might be valued in such a society. In any case, blocking a few websites isn’t going to stop ISIS. Here’s hoping that the decision is reversed soon.

James O’Malley
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