India blocks 32 popular websites – including Vimeo, Daily Motion and GitHub

Worrying news from India today as it has emerged that the government there has ordered Internet Service Providers to block 32 major websites - ostensibly because of the threat from ISIS (or ISIL, or Islamic State). Insane! Govt orders blocking of 32 websites including @internetarchive @vimeo @github @pastebin #censorship #FoEx— Pranesh Prakash (@pranesh_prakash) December…

YouTube adds Germany to the blocklist

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Not content with banning the UK from its ‘Premium’ music videos, YouTube has now done the same thing to its German users. Users located in Germany will no longer be able to watch content licensed by the major labels, following a dispute with collecting society GEMA.

The situation is exactly the same as the situation three weeks ago in the UK – where PRS for Music demanded higher streaming rates and Google removed access to music videos in protest. That situation is still unresolved.

(via MusicWeek)

MWC 2008: Mobile operators collaborate to prevent access to child sexual abuse websites

gsm_logo.pngThough mobile operators are usually in direct competition with one another, it’s encouraging that, where the subject really matters, they can cooperate to help combat a problem.

The GSM Association, the global trade association for mobile operators, has announced the launch of the Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content, which aims to block those who wish to access or profit from websites depicting child sexual abuse.

Their concern is that, with the continued rollout of high-speed mobile networks (mobile broadband), those determined to access such material will move from more conventional technology to the mobile space.