Dropbox introduces improved collaborative functionality

Web 2.0, Websites

Dropbox is great for if you want to share files with colleagues, but what if you both want to work on it at the same time? The company has a new solution for just that.

The developments are part of what the company has dubbed “Project Harmony”, and introduces a “Dropbox Badge” which hovers over your document as you have it open in Microsoft Office – then when you or your colleagues make changes to the doc, it’ll notify you of changes, and let you switch between your colleague’s version or your own with ease.

Whilst it will no doubt make collaboration on Dropbox much easier, it isn’t quite as real time as Google Docs – which enables multiple people to edit exactly the same file simultaneously. The update though will be welcomed by big businesses and dinosaurs who are yet to make the GDocs switch.

James O’Malley
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