London air traffic closed until 7pm due to computer balls-up



If you’re planning to fly from or to London this evening, then we’re very sorry that you’re day is about to be ruined. A computer failure at European Air Traffic Control (apparently caused by a power outage) means that the city will be closed to air traffic until 7pm.

NATS, the company that runs air traffic control said:

“NATS can confirm that a technical problem has been reported at Swanwick air traffic control centre.

We apologise for any delays and our incident response team has been mobilised.

Every possible action is being taken to assist in resolving the situation and to confirm the details.

Further information will be released as it becomes available.”

This will inevitably cause knock-on problems for the rest of the evening, so if you’re looking for something to kill the time at Heathrow, why not try Christmas shopping instead?

James O’Malley
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