Belkin adds LED lightbulbs to WeMo range

Internet Of Things

Belkin has announced some clever new lightbulbs to add to its WeMo “internet of things” range, that lets you control them via an app on your phone.


The Smart LED bulbs are fully dimmable and can be configured from anywhere – and there’s even a “vacation mode” that will switch lights on and off to simulate occupancy. Apparently the 60W bulbs will last up to 23 years and give off up to 800 lumens of light (and 3000 kelvins of energy) – creating a white light which is similar to traditional incandescent bulbs.


You can pick up the starter set – which contains two bulbs and a “WeMo Link” (to connect ’em to the internet) for £79.99 and individual bulbs will set you back £24.99 each. If you have a massive house, apparently Belkin’s system supports up to 50 bulbs at once.

James O’Malley
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