40% of manufactured Galaxy S5 units are still unsold, apparently.

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Ewan Spence over at Forbes has some astonishing numbers on his piece over there – apparently the Galaxy S5 has been bad news for Samsung – selling four million units less than the S4, with 40% of the devices produced sitting in a warehouse unsold. Whoops.


The numbers aren’t completely disastrous: The S5 has still sold 12 million units (still a long way off of the iPhone, but hey, not bad). It is bad news for Samsung’s bottom line though, with profits down.

Apparently the poor sales are down to China – with the likes of Xiaomi stealing market share. Presumably here in the west other Android manufacturers like HTC and LG getting their acts together (with the One M8 and G3 respectively) also put the squeeze on Samsung’s top of the range device.

The speculation now is that Samsung will massively reduce the price of the S5 in order to shift the unsold stock – as we’re surely only months away from the inevitable S6 – and once that’s in shops, the S5 won’t get a look in.

We’ll keep an eye out for any bargains.

James O’Malley
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  • A lot of people have figured out that most Android phones are similar in one way or another. Why pay a hefty premium for a Galaxy S5 when it doesn’t even have a metal frame?

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