Onecue brings gesture-commands to your home entertainment system

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A new device is promising to remove the clutter from your coffee table – by replacing your remotes and controllers with gesture commands.

The onecue (as it annoyingly stylised – why not OneCue?!) is a Kinect-style camera that sits on top of your TV and watches everything you do – then to switch on your devices or control them, it is simply a case of waving.

The device supports a wide range of household devices – from TVs, to stereo systems and even things like Apple TV and Nest thermostats. To configure all of your devices you can simply use an app on your phone.

Cleverly too, if you want to mute everything, you simply have to make a “shush” gesture with your finger over your mouth.

It isn’t entirely clear when onecue will be available over here – but will be available from early next year in the States for a $129 introductory price, and $199 after that.

James O’Malley
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