“Will.i.am”‘s “i.am PULS” “smartwatch” coming to the UK on O2

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Noting that Bono is getting a little bit too much coverage in the tech press, younger challenger for the title of “person who you assume is a bellend but can’t really explain why”, musician Will.i.am has announced details of his forthcoming smartwatch, known as the “i.am PULS”. Yeah, with that spelling.


The watch is somewhat similar to the Samsung Gear S – in that in doesn’t require a tethered smartphone to work, and instead tries to do everything a phone can do on your wrist. The difference appears to be that Will.i.am, real name William Adams, is making the device with fashion in mind.

Apparently on board there’s 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and support for 3G, wifi and bluetooth. There will also be a Siri-style personal assistant called “AneedA” – as in “I need a…”. Yeah, this is real.

It’ll be coming to the UK exclusively on O2 – though no pricing or launch dates have been set yet.

James O’Malley
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