Mean old Sky gives just £1 to the rainforest for every old satellite box donated

Sky, TV

Sky has made a big deal of its charitable fundraising for “Sky Rainforest Rescue” – and perhaps rightly so, as the campaign has apparently raised over £4m – with Sky matching the funding and raising it to £8m.

But then I saw this and thought that – surely – Sky can do a little bit better than this?


This is a poster that has been put up in the Sky offices – encouraging staff to recycle their old Sky box. As an incentive, in return Sky will donate a pound – yes, a whole £1 GBP – to Sky Rainforest Rescue.

Isn’t that, umm, a little mean? Especially given the value of the box being donated back is surely higher?

I mean, to put this into perspective Sky Sports is £24.50/month on top of your Sky sports subscription – so it would take 25 old Sky boxes donated by staff before a Capuchin Monkey could watch an English Premiership games. Movies are £16.50 a month, so if Giant River Otters want to catch up on their RomComs, then they should just forget it.

C’mon Sky, I Believe In Better, can’t you dig a little deeper?

James O’Malley
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