The Hemingwrite will help you get some work done. Maybe.


If you’ve ever tried to write something longer than a tweet, you’ll know that it is basically impossible to write anything without getting distracted. Just whilst typing this sentence I’ve checked my emails, watched a YouTube video and done the washing up, for instance. But soon, mercifully, there could be a solution.


The Hemingwrite is a modern twist on the old fashioned typewriter. In essence, it only has one function: It lets you write. There’s no app store, no fonts, no notifications: The only concession to modernity is automated cloud back-up to Google Drive or Evernote.

The keyboard is fully mechanical, so will be nice and durable for when you’re bashing along at speed, and the screen is e-ink (like a Kindle), so the battery will last for ages.

Our only question is: When can we get one?

James O’Malley
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