Were Apple fans unimpressed by last night’s announcements?

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So last night Apple announced the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and iMac Retina Display but it seems that people tuning into the live stream were decidedly unimpressed, according to research.


SocialBro has been crunching the numbers, and analysing the volume of tweets about the event, and the associated sentiment. The company reckon’s that people weren’t as excited as during the iPhone 6 launch:

“It seems the launch of the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iMac was not only less anticipated than the launch of the iPhone 6, but overall ended in disappointment for all the fans who tuned into the live broadcast. During the iPhone 6 launch we saw Twitter users frantically Tweeting at a rate of 7,400 per minute and 442,000 per hour, compared to a measly 990 per minute with 60,000 per hour for last night’s iPad launch.

The total number of Tweets about last night’s product launch came in at 832,000, with only 642,000 Twitter users worldwide getting involved. This time round, as Tim Cook and Craig Federighi took to the stage to announce the new products, we saw 2,300 Tweets per minute on average during the first hour (6pm-7pm BST) compared to an astounding 18,300 Tweets per minute on average for Apple’s last product event, including the iPhone 6.

According to our data, the product with the most mentions was iPad Air 2 with a total of 39,100 Tweets, followed by iMac at 28,600 Tweets and lastly iPad Mini 3 with 13,600 Tweets. See the table below for more information on the specific product releases.”

Here’s the stats on what products were mentioned most – and what people thought:


So perhaps not the best night for Apple then? I guess it’ll have to take consolation by sobbing into its billions of dollars.

James O’Malley
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  • It’s just enough of an upgrade in every product category to help Apple boost holiday season sales. There’s seriously almost something for everyone from smartphones to tablets to computers…

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