More signs point to Apple TV becoming the centre of Apple’s “HomeKit”

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Apple TV could become much more important in the future – if a recent software update is anything to go by. The set-top-box that Steve Jobs once described as his “hobby” could become your home’s central node in controlling your connected devices.


According to Apple Insider, a beta-release of the updated software for developers notes that it “includes support for Family Sharing and can be used for testing AirPlay and HomeKit with your iOS apps”.

This would chime well with previous rumour and speculation – which expects Apple TV to be what controls “HomeKit” (the suite of Apple services that will control your connected toasters and thermostats) when you’re away from home and are controlling your home remotely. As all of the authentication data for devices will be held remotely in the cloud, it will mean that once your wifi-door locks (or whatever) are setup on one Apple device, they could be accessed by any other devices that have access to your iCloud Keychain.

The next big Apple presser is on October 16th – so perhaps Apple will mention something there, given that the last Apple TV hardware update was now two years ago.

James O’Malley
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