Is Tesco about to give up on Blinkbox?

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Tesco could be planning to sell-off its video and music streaming service Blinkbox, if reports are to be believed.


The news was reported in The Times (by way of the IB Times) and curiously comes just days before the retailer is expected to announce the Hudl 2 – a successor to its surprisingly zippy budget tablet.

The trouble for Blinkbox is that it never seems to have taken off in a big way: Unlike Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, rather than pay a subscription viewers must pay for each individual film – and there are many competing services that can do this already. Similarly the service, which isn’t exactly (figuratively or literally) the grocer’s bread and butter must seem like an easy way of raising cash following the recent profits scandal – without effecting Tesco’s core business.

On Friday Tesco is expected to announce the Hudl 2 – a device which you’d expect Blinkbox to play a big roll – so it will be interesting to see if Blinkbox is still included.

James O’Malley
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