Is Microsoft getting into wearables?

Microsoft, Wearables

There have been rumours for a while that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch – but this could merely be the start of a broader push into wearable tech.


According to Wareable in addition to a smartwatch, the company is also working on a clip-on camera in the mould of Autographer, which would conceivably record everything you do (or take a photo every few seconds).

The company has apparently gone as far as filing designs with America’s Patent Office. Though, of course, this doesn’t always mean that it will end up on shelves – lots of companies will file patents on ideas, just in-case.

Personally, we think it’d be crazy for Microsoft to NOT to make a real life Clippy-style wearable assistant that works a bit like Siri, but with everything you do in your life.

James O’Malley
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