Spotify introduces family payments

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Spotify is to introduce a new “family payments” system that will mean up to four family members can each have essentially their own Spotify Premium account – but with one person paying all of the bills.


If you share Spotify with a family member, then you’ll know how frustrating it is when you’re air-drumming away when all of a sudden the music goes dead – just because someone else in the other room wants to listen to something terrible.

Spotify Family should stop this: All the bill payer has to do is allocate four other accounts and all will be able to listen simultaneously. It won’t be free – but it’ll be cheaper than each person paying for Premium, and crucially for Spotify will mean that kids who don’t have credit cards of their own will be able to participate.

The new service will get you 50% off of each new premium account per month. So two accounts will cost £15, three will cost £20, and four will cost £25. Which isn’t bad at all for all of the music in the world.

We’ll let you know when the service launches over here.

James O’Malley
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