Do you want to surf the web on your smartwatch?

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Mobile web browser Opera Mini is coming to the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch… for… some… reason?


According to TheNextWeb, the browser will soon be available on Samsung’s watch, which is fairly unique amongst smartwatches for not requiring a tethered phone to run: A SIM card goes into the watch, and you can carry out phone functions (such as calls) on the watch itself.

So it seems, umm, logical, that the next step is to give wearers a fully-blown web browser on their wrist.

Whilst the app may seem to be answering a question that nobody asked, Opera is pleased: the app has been optimised for wrist usage, supporting pinch-zooming and swiping to go back and forward. You can even save pages for offline use.

If you’ve got a Gear S, you can download the browser here, or you can reach into your pocket and read web pages on a screen that isn’t unbearable.

James O’Malley
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