Sonos update enables the removal of the wifi “Bridge”

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Sonos has today started rolling out a software update to its devices that will let you users remove the wifi bridge from their home audio setup. Crucially, this also means that future customers will be able to buy the wireless sound system without the added hardware expense.


Previously to make a Sonos system talk to your home network, you needed a “Bridge” – a little white box that plugs into your router and talks to the wireless speakers. With the 5.1 software update, Sonos engineers appear to have knocked it out of the equation, instead relying on your existing wifi network.

Existing users who want to take advantage of the update and dump the bridge can simply download the update and follow the instructions to dump the bridge (though make sure you leave the bridge plugged in when you start).

The update is available from today.

James O’Malley
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