Now you can get a step tracker… for your feet


A new piece of wearable technology has been announced that for the first time connects, umm, the soles of your feet to the internet.


DigitSole has all of the benefits of a step tracker like Fitbit, with all of the bonus weirdness of having to add sensors into your shoes. The bluetooth insoles talk to your phone, and will track your step count, figure out changes in altitude, estimate calories burnt and will even warm your feet up.

Yes, warm you feet up: One of the key selling points of the device (devices? It comes as a pair…) is that by using the smartphone app you can use the soles to increase the temperature of the soles at your feet – keeping them nice and warm. Whilst it might be easy to scoff (we certainly are), there are conceivably some interesting applications here for those in colder climates: Imagine trekking through snowy mountains and be able to warm up without taking off your boots.


Like everything that sounds a little crazy, it is launching as a Kickstarter, with backers told to expect their DigiSoles early next year. It seems they will be quite pricey too: Backers must pledge $150 to guarantee themselves a pair.

James O’Malley
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