Next Nexus to have a Microsoft Surface-style keyboard?


Google is planning a keyboard built into a cover for its next tablet – rumoured to be the high-end 9″ Nexus 9, according to reports.

Android Police has the scoop on the new keyboard/cover, which will fold up in a number of different configurations so you can position the tablet how you like it, in addition to the keyboard. Just like Apple’s keyboard, it’ll use magnets to lock parts into position.

Intriguingly, the case itself has a built in battery and can be charged up – suggesting that it will be powered separately to the main Nexus device. It has also been suggested that it will cleverly pair with the new Nexus using NFC which will be built into the cases of both.

Android Police also reports that the new keyboard will be 228 x 320 x 5 mm – with keys only 3mm high, and that it will be “marginally more cramped than a standard keyboard”.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything official.

James O’Malley
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