Gear VR headset goes on sale for £150


Samsung’s Gear VR headset – which it has developed in collaboration with Oculus has gone on sale – priced at £150.


The headset was announced at Samsung’s “Unpacked” event last week and is more an accessory than a stand alone device: to work it requires a Galaxy Note 4 to be mounted on it – as it is the screen of the phone that provides the vision, and the innards with process the images. All the headset contains is some sensors to help it figure out exactly where you’re looking.

I know what you’re thinking – yes, that is quite pricey for £150. Especially when the phone won’t get you much change (SIM free) from £500.

Still, if you’re interested in giving it a try it comes with a handful of VR “experiences” (if not fully fledged games) to try. So far MobileFun appears to be the only outlet selling it.

James O’Malley
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