Yo gets hashtags and lets you send links

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Astonishingly, Yo wasn’t an overnight joke but is still going – and the company has just launched some new features in the latest version of the app. That’s right: Yo now has features.


For the uninitiated, Yo hit the big time a few weeks ago. It’s a messaging app that does away with the hassle of having to actually write a message: You just send someone a “Yo”. It’s the modern equivalent of giving someone “three rings” to let them know you’re alive – like checking a pulse from afar. Or it can be used as a pre-agreed signal.

The trouble is, sending a “Yo” is clearly quite a limited experience – so the company has added a couple of features. First, you can now apparently send links to other Yo users. To do this, you have to have the link copied to your clipboard and then you simply long-press on the person’s name. This sounds like a potential minefield to us: make sure you know what is on the clipboard before sending a Yo, otherwise things could get awkward.

The other new feature is – inexplicably – hashtags. You can Yo a Hashtag (future language historians, take note of this watershed moment when we finally just started talking complete bollocks) – and also swipe it to see what hashtags are trending.

Slightly awkwardly Yo decided to promote this feature by referring in an uncomfortably casual way to the kidnapping of hundreds of girls in Nigeria:

“#Hashtags: Yo #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS, #GAYMARRIAGE, #BREAKINGBAD, #ILOVECOOKIES or whatever you like, then spread the word and swipe right to see how many people also Yo’ed your hashtag.”


This update follows a number of other innovations including the Yo API and a Yo channel of Ifttt.

The update is available in the app store now, yo.

James O’Malley
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