IFTTT adds support for Android Wear, Nike+, Yo and others

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Great news for users of the internet’s biggest open secret, IFTTT: The company has added support for nine more channels.


If you’ve not used “If This, Then That” – or IFTTT – before, then you should really sort that out as it could change your life. Essentially, what the clever service does is link together other services so that you can link them together in customised ways. For example, you can setup your Fitbit to automatically add your latest weight totals when you log them to a Google Drive spreadsheet, or tell your Phillips Hue lightbulbs to change colour whenever you receive an email. It’s super easy, and very powerful.

Anyway, the company regularly adds new “channels” for use – and the latest include Android Wear, Yo, and Nike+.

This means that if you’re an early adopter and have picked up an Android Wear watch, you could set it to display alerts for services that are not natively supported yet. Similarly, you could now back-up your Nike+ data on a spreadsheet.

Heck, even the ridiculous Yo might have just become useful as you can trigger Yo messages to indicate various things.

Other new services added include Square, the iOS payment processor – which could create intriguing new possibilities for businesses (imagine triggering an email automatically to the distribution department as soon as a sale is made), ManyThing (wifi cameras), LittleBits electronic modules (for your homebrew Internet of Things), and the Saga life logging app.

James O’Malley
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