WATCH: Fish Plays Pokemon


In recent days TwitchPlaysPokemon reached another milestone: the hive-mind of online players successfully finished Pokemon X for 3DS, meaning that collectively all of the major handheld titles have been beaten. So now the next logical thing is underway: seeing if a fish can do it too.


“Fish Plays Pokemon” is exactly what it sounds like, and is a video stream of a fish tank next to a copy of Pokemon Red – with the position of the fish – named Grayson Hopper – determining which buttons are pressed.

You can see the live stream here:

Apparently Grayson has now been playing for over 125 hours and impressively, has managed to go and retrieve his first Pokemon – a Charmander – and even managed to beat his rival in battle. It is pretty much the closest humanity has got so far to the old “infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters with infinite time will write Shakespeare” experiment.

Apparently Grayson’s owner is planning a number of upgrades – including better lighting and a better camera soon.

Good luck, Grayson.

James O’Malley
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