WATCH: Fish Play Street Fighter II

We've reached another milestone in gaming history as at long last, someone has asked what would happen if two fish took the controls of Street Fighter II. Following on from Fish Plays Pokemon it works in much the same way: a camera pointed at the fish tank determines the controller input from the movement of…

WATCH: Fish Plays Pokemon

In recent days TwitchPlaysPokemon reached another milestone: the hive-mind of online players successfully finished Pokemon X for 3DS, meaning that collectively all of the major handheld titles have been beaten. So now the next logical thing is underway: seeing if a fish can do it too. "Fish Plays Pokemon" is exactly what it sounds like,…

Cod eats phone, fisherman catches cod, phone returned to owner


Andrew Cheatle is a lucky chap. He lost his phone on a beach a couple of weeks back and assumed it’d been lost at sea. On a shopping trip to replace the handset, however, his girlfriend’s phone rang. She handed it to him, saying it was some guy going on about a cod.

On the end of the line was fisherman Glen Kerley. He’d found a handset in the belly of a cod, and figured he’d try and return it to its owner. After going to meet him, he was reunited with his (rather battered) handset, and after it dried out, he was amazed to find it worked perfectly.

So what was the handset that survived a week in a fish? I wasn’t sure, so I consulted the masses on Twitter. The wonderful @lovelychaos was first with the answer – it’s a Nokia 1600 – a handset designed for use in developing countries. Well, I guess it’s proved its worth!

"Deepest ever" living fish has been found and filmed – Celebrity Fish Big Brother reportedly in the works

A team from the UK and Japan has managed to track down and film the deepest ever living fish. They found the 17-strong shoal chillin’ (literally) in a trench in the Pacific, 7.7km down from the surface. One of the scientists, Monty Priede from the University of Aberdeen, described the fish as “surprisingly cute”.

Win a Brando USB mini aquarium with Tech Digest!

Today marks the last day of our Brando give-away, and to celebrate, it’s an extra-cute one. Who doesn’t want a mini USB aquarium for their desk, really? Trust Brando to come up with something no-one would ever dream of attaching to their USB port.

Normally retailing for $23 from Brando, the USB mini aquarium lights up, and when you play with them, the fish will entertain you by swimming around and generally being a good source of procrastination.

You have until 6PM Monday 10th December to enter, so take a look under the jump for how all British residents can win…