Silverfish aquarium – space age design for your goldfish


Does our goldfish care about its tank? I doubt it – as long as there’s room to swim, food, some fake coral and a plastic shipwreck, your average goldfish couldn’t be happier. But you care what your fish tank looks like – and that’s why this Silverfish aquarium will probably shift a few units.

Designed by Octopus Studios, it has six interconnected habitats, so your fish can break off and have some privacy from its fishy pals, should the stress of swimming get too much. The tank holds 60 gallons and is completely self contained, coming with everything necessary to keep tropical freshwater fish healthy and happy.

This custom-made tank certainly isn’t cheap though – $3400 (£1700) excluding only fish, gravel and probably delivery.

Octopus Studios (via Oh Gizmo)

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  • dear dave,

    i’ve bin looking for the silverfish tank for years but i cant find it. i want to know if you can tell me were i could get one. if you could i would be so happy. please email me back even if you dont know were to get one.

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