Win a Brando USB mini aquarium with Tech Digest!

Today marks the last day of our Brando give-away, and to celebrate, it’s an extra-cute one. Who doesn’t want a mini USB aquarium for their desk, really? Trust Brando to come up with something no-one would ever dream of attaching to their USB port.

Normally retailing for $23 from Brando, the USB mini aquarium lights up, and when you play with them, the fish will entertain you by swimming around and generally being a good source of procrastination.

You have until 6PM Monday 10th December to enter, so take a look under the jump for how all British residents can win…

Quick Pic: World's largest LED fishtank


It’s not a real fishtank, of course. It’s a 250x30m LED screen (well, five screens connected together) in Beijing, hanging 80 feet up in the air. It shows a variety of colourful fish swimming about, presumably to encourage shoppers to feel relaxed enough to buy more – it’s in a shopping mall.