Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition to let you transfer saves between Playstation and Xbox


Good news for gamers who have switched allegiances with the new console generation: The forthcoming re-release of Diablo 3 will let you transfer your save from Xbox 360 to PS4, or PS3 to Xbox One if need be.


The news follows what we learned in June, that Grand Theft Auto 5’s PS4/XBO re-release will also enable you to take your save with you – regardless of what console you owned previously.

What’s perhaps really interesting though is the mechanism that makes it work. In the case of GTA5, players will simply have to log into the “Rockstar Social Club” to transfer their online characters across – a third party service. For Diablo 3, players will have to use Battle.net – but in the process sign-in to both their PSN account and XBL account through a web browser. (It’ll work a bit like when you sign into another website via Facebook). Essentially this means that Sony and Microsoft are both tacitly endorsing this sort of data portability.

Until now the ability to transfer between the two rival console families is a rare one – but could Diablo 3 be a further sign of thawing relations and a brave new world where the interests of gamers are put before the corporations?

James O’Malley
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