Nokia job adverts point towards an Android future?


Job listings on LinkedIn point towards Nokia taking an interest in Android. Could the mobile industry be about to be shaken up again?


Some excellent speculation here from UberGizmo – who have spotted some job adverts for Nokia. That is to say, actual Nokia – the bit of Nokia that wasn’t bought by Microsoft.

Nokia is apparently looking for mobile photography engineers who have experience writing drivers for Android which rather suggests that the company isn’t done with phones just yet. Could it be planning new Android handsets of its own? Or just mobile apps? Or maybe it plans to license the technology to other manufacturers. In any case, despite the prestigious name any new Nokia phone division will be starting from a low base because Microsoft scooped the whole phone business up whole.

But it is certainly intriguing to think about: Imagine new Nokia Android phones having to compete against not just the likes of Apple and Samsung, but its old Lumia colleagues too.

James O’Malley
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