Is the PS4 outselling Xbox One by 3:1?


We’ve known for some time that the PS4 has had the edge in the console war so far – comfortably outselling the Xbox One in every comparison so far, but could it be heading towards taking a decisive lead? New figures suggest the console is outselling its rival by three PS4s for every one Xbox One sold.


The analysis comes courtesy of MCV, and like every comparison, it isn’t quite bullet proof – but does appear indicative.

In an earnings call last week Sony apparently revealed that 3.5m PS4s and PS3s in the quarter ending June 30th. That’s both consoles: Though MCV notes that PS3 sales have been called “weak” – so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the vast majority of those sales are going to be PS4s.

Meanwhile over at Microsoft in the same period it has reported that it shipped 1.1m Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles – presumably with those similar generational caveats applying. So this would indeed mean the PS4 has something like a 3:1 advantage.

It might not all be over for Microsoft yet: Apparently the removal of Kinect from the Xbox One (and the proceeding price cut) only affected three weeks worth of sales in the period – so sales could have rocketed up since. Maybe.

What is interesting though is the emerging gap: As the PS4 is out-selling the Xbox One at this rate, eventually the install-base between the two consoles is going to be wildly disparate. Could we reach a point where the PS4 is so overwhelmingly popular every opts for that, as the more reliable platform choice? (You’ll want to play online with your friends, and get the console that will attract the most developers after all). Perhaps this generation could end up more like the PS2 than PS3 – where instead of console sales being fairly evenly matched the Playstation dwarfed its competitors?

James O’Malley
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  • I got a tb in my ps4 and a 720 in my ps3… just saying 😉
    10 million gamers choose ps4 over any other. 10 million cant be wrong 😉

  • PS4 SOLD IN 70 regions.
    Xbox One sold IS XOLD IN “13”
    Whoever wrote this article do you understand what the significance of that is ?.. or don’t you want to know ?.

    It’s like ignoring the fact that Xbox 360 had ã head start and saying “wow look many 360s they are selling compared to PS3” but without mentioning that their rival console hadn’t launched yet

  • LOL. PS4 is junk. Microsoft just kept support up for XBox 360, so it has a slower migration path. Also, PS4 reached more countries than the XBox 360. But the XBox One now speaks Mandarin. Thats a huge market!!! China will explode the market for Microsoft. Sony will sink as it should being a barely upgraded PS3. Think beyond the box – XBox.

    • no one in the media ever mentions the fact of ps4 being sold in more regions 4 to 1. come sept it becomes more equal but ps4 will still be in more!

  • I hope PS4 doesn’t end up completely dominating, simply because competition is good. I’m well and truly over this console war bullshit, and think both consoles need to thrive to benefit everyone. Microsoft has kept Sony on their toes for the last 8 years, and it has helped gaming by forcing the companies to innovate, if one of them takes the lead they might get lazy and we will have to wait 8-10 years for the next console cycle to see some real tit-for-tat going on.

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