Wikipedia gets a native iOS app

iPhone, iPhone

Good news for pedants – Wikipedia has finally got a native iOS app. It even lets you edit pages on the go.


Now next time you get into an argument in the pub, you can simply tap open the app and if it turns out you’re wrong – you can edit the page to make it appear that you’re correct.


A Wikipedia app has been available for a while but had previously been essentially an app-like shell on top of a HTML5 website. Now though it has been completely re-written for deeper integration. The makers claim that it faster than ever.


The app also has some nifty features, including the ability to save pages for offline viewing, a list of recent pages for when you fall down the rabbit hole, and the ability to share pages.


Crucially it also makes editing whilst mobile easy. This will not only make quick changes easier for editors, but will also open up Wikipedia editing to the previously disenfranchised who may only have mobile access to the internet – such as people in developing countries.

You can grab the app from the app store.

James O’Malley
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