BT Openreach says ‘we’ll do better – promise’


BT Openreach – the phone and broadband company that we all love to hate – is promising to do better.


Back in June, the UK telecoms giant was told by watchdog Ofcom that it could face fines if it did not meet new targets to repair its extensive UK telephone and broadband network.

Under new rules, BT’s Openreach infrastructure division must fix 70 per cent of faults – in the network used by BT’s own customers, as well as those of rivals – within two working days.

Now PC Pro reports that new BT chief Joe Garner has admitted that customer service is one area where Openreach needs to do significantly better, and as part of his strategy for the infrastructure arm, he’s put customer service at the top of the list.

“I actually think we get the vast majority of things right the first time, probably 60 to 70%, and I think there’s another 20% where we get it a little bit wrong, but we sort of retrieve the position,” he said at a briefing with journalists.

“But what’s of more interest to me is the small percentage – and I think it is a small percentage – where we get something wrong and we know we got it wrong, and compound our failure, and if that happens there’s the possibility to really leave the customer in some distress.”

Fingers crossed that the new boy can actually make a genuine difference.

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