Resident Evil to be remastered in HD


It has been a few years since Capcom’s last Resident Evil title – so it has come as a surprise today that the company is planning to release a HD “Remastered” version of the original.


The game is actually set to be a remastering of the 2002 remake for Nintendo’s Gamecube – so sort of a remake of a remake. The new version will boost the game up to 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One, and 720p on Xbox 360 and PS3 (though both will still run at 30fps). The game’s sound will also receive an upgrade and it will be given a more modern control scheme.

In a statement, the developers described their vision:

“Our goal was to stay true to the atmosphere of the remake and not change anything.

Our base for this HD version is the remake from 2002 which was inspired by the original game that was released in 1996.
We wanted to keep the remake’s feeling and atmosphere while producing an HD experience for modern systems.

It wasn’t just about making everything look prettier, we’ve also worked hard to analyze and polish every little aspect of the game so that we could provide the best version possible.

There is certain timing programmed into the game that is important to scary moments. We were careful not to adjust things like this in order to preserve the horror and atmosphere of the remake.
To summarize, our goal was to make an HD version that still plays like the remake.”

The remake is due to hit consoles and PC in “early 2015” and will be distributed digitally. Perhaps this is testing the water for a fully blown new Resident Evil game?

James O’Malley
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  • What a complete waste of time, I ‘ve already played the Gamecube version so why remake a remade version?

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