Sony strap a camera to a sheep for some reason


“Hmm, how can we link our brand with the Tour de France when we’re not an official sponsor?” mused a Sony executive one day. Several calls later and it was done: The PR agency had dispatched its team of expert viral content creators to the hills of Harrogate to find some sheep.


Harrogate was a strange place for London PR types: none of the locals were interested when they spoke of how they leverage brands to create multiplatform content experiences.


They eventually came across local farmer Ian Hammond who could supply the goods: In exchange for a brown envelope and no questions asked, he’d let the team strap some of Sony’s GoPro-alike cameras to the top of his sheep – and even pose for photos.


It was done – the agency got snapping, the copywriters concocted some wheeze about how the cameras could be used to film the Tour de France, because hey, that’s in Yorkshire too. This is PR dynamite!

The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100VR is the the company’s latest wearable the camera. The PRs were rightly pleased that it could overlay maps onto the video using GPS and had a remote that could handle multiple cameras. I mean, what more exciting way would there be to demonstrate this than with sheep?


The PRs were almost there – they had some photos of some sheep. All they needed now was a killer made-up quote for the press release that re-affirmed the tenuous connection between the brand and the event they’re trying to get free publicity from. Suddenly it came to them:

“We felt this would be a great way to celebrate Tour de France’s arrival in Yorkshire and it’s this type of activity that is also befitting of the AS100VR features. It satisfies ones taste for the extreme, whatever that may be from skiing, cycling to hang gliding. So, what better way to capture the footage through a sheep cam? It’s the behind the scenes footage we’d never see”.

The Sony Action Cam is available now for £319, and the dog harness (!) is an extra £36.

James O’Malley
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