Sony bids to catch up with Microsoft on Blu-Ray playback


Sony has hastily announced PS4 support for 3D Blu-Rays just days after Microsoft promised the same on Xbox One.


The other day we reported that in the next monthly Xbox One system update gamers will be able to watch Blu Ray films in 3D on their consoles. Great news for Xbox owners, but pretty awkward for Sony as the not only does the PS4 not yet support 3D, but doubly so because it is Sony that invented Blu Ray.

So perhaps it is no surprised that early this morning Sony’s official Playstation account tweeted the following message:

Sounds like someone is playing catch up…

The 1.75 update comes a week after the 1.74 update – far quicker than usual, which suggests that Sony is racing to maintain parity with Microsoft’s offering.

Now if only 3D was a decent technology rather than a stupid idea, it would be perfect.

James O’Malley
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