O2 boosts holiday data allowance to 50mb

Mobile phones

Good news for travellers this summer as mean old O2 (pictured) has received a visit from the ghost of holidays future, and has kindly relented and opted to give us a more generous data allocation when using our phones abroad.


Under the new regime pay monthly customers will now be able pay £1.99 a day when on holiday to get access to 50mb of data – a fairly sizeable increase from the current 15mb. Whilst still not great if you want to post your Vines with the same enthusiasm you do at home, we’re not going to complain about the increase.

Whilst we’d like to think that the change came when O2 looked deep within the bottom of its heart, and discovered the concept of human empathy, the change is perhaps more likely linked to new EU regulations slashing the cost of roaming. (Roaming costs should be removed all together in the EU in the next few years).

James O’Malley
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