Electric Objects is for art, not notifications


Digital picture frames are fairly commonplace now, but none are quite like this. Electric Objects bills itself as a computer made for art and art alone.


The Kickstarter was looking for a modest $25,000 but at time of writing has raised over a quarter of a million dollars.

Essentially, it a 23″ HD monitor with a minimal built in computer so that it can display images. All it does is display the art – you use an app on your phone to configure what art you want to appear and so on. It connects by wifi, and has been designed to look good – so there’s just one chord to plug-in, and the device itself can be wall mounted.

Perhaps the key selling point though is one line in the description: “No alerts, avatars, slideshows, feeds or docks.” – this isn’t going to be yet another screen for reminding you about unread emails, it is for relaxing.

Interestingly, the company behind plans to partner with a bunch of art galleries and the like, to give a proper high quality art experience – rather than just grabbing the latest photos from Flickr (though I hope it lets you do that too).

Once built, the device itself looks set to be $299 and will come in white and black. You might have a bit of a wait though too – it isn’t due for shipping until May next year.

James O’Malley
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