Reddit picks up lesser-spotted iOS8 features

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After Apple unveiled iOS8 on Monday evening the early beta was made available to developers – who wasted no time in pouring through the new operating system to spot all of the extra tweaks. Here’s our pick of some of the small but interesting enhancements you might have missed:

Reddit user RyanDolan123 spotted a few different improvements. First up, here’s an option in Safari to request the desktop version of the website you’re on – great if you’ve been thrown into a mobile interface but want to see the big screen version.


He also spotted that despite all of the big search improvements – like being able to convert different measurement scales and even have it suggest restaurants… it still can’t do basic maths:


Though this clever recommendation engine will also be coming to Safari – which in addition to suggestion websites will soon be suggesting apps to download (as spotted by andreweihausen):


A user known as theCarryAll spotted this – new to your photos is an album of “recently deleted” photos, which allows you to retrieve them in cases of accidental deletion:


And finally the weather app has received some subtle changes. Reddit user Freeto spotted that the provider has changed from Yahoo Weather to The Weather Chnanel, and that in addition to the normal temperature data and so on, there’s now a more detailed summary at the bottom.

Are you running iOS8 yet? Spotted anything interesting? Let us know in the comments!

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