Is The Last Of Us coming to PS4 NEXT WEEK?


A suspicious tweet has led to speculation that Sony could be planning to launch 2013’s most critically acclaimed game, The Last Of Us, on PS4 next week – perhaps after its E3 press conference.


We’ve known that a PS4 upgrade of the PS3 title has been on the way for some time now – but we haven’t been sure of exactly when it would happen. Then someone on NeoGaf spotted this tweet:


This obviously led to much speculation that Sony is planning a big reveal in the press conference next week where the person on stage can dramatically say “…and its available RIGHT NOW!”. Which would be pretty cool.

However, the tweet was soon retracted:


Whether this was just damage control or a genuine slip up remains to be seen.

The other reason we should be highly sceptical of this rumour is that the tweets above are by whoever runs the Twitter account for a brach of GAME in Barnsley… do you really think the 17 year old kid who does the tweeting is privy to that sort of information? If Sony are busy producing discs and shipping them to videogame shops, then copies could have conceivably arrived in the stock room of the store… but then wouldn’t we have seen a grainy photo of a box of PS4 TLOU turning up all over the place? Like how the moon landing conspiracy is stupid because of the thousands of people who would need to be in on it, surely it’d be impossible to keep a surprise Last Of Us release secret?

At least we should know for sure by this time on Tuesday.

James O’Malley
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