Glance aims to turn your normal watch into a smart watch


Tempted by a smartwatch but already have a nice old-fashioned timepiece on your wrist? Then Glance, a new gadget from Kiwi Wearable Technologies might be able to square this circle.


Essentially a small device that you tuck under your wrist strap, it fulfils the functions you’d expect from a smart watch: displaying notifications which you can view… at a glance.

There’s a couple of nice extras – you can also use it to find your phone at the tap of a button, and even use gesture controls (presuming there’s a built in accelerometer) to control your phone. In the video, a cyclist is shown waving his arm to reply to a text with “sorry, I’m cycling”.

At the moment Glance is still in the inevitable Kickstarter stage of life, though the company hopes to eventually sell it for $70 for the first 1000 orders, and $80 after.

James O’Malley
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