The Last Of Us (pretty much) confirmed for PS4


Sony have accidentally let the cat out of the bag – it seems The Last Of Us is coming to PS4 after all.

The Last Of Us, when it was released recently on the PS3 was held up as a milestone in videogame storytelling. Whilst a zombie game on the outside, this does not take the playful tone of Left For Dead or Dead Island - this is very real. Because the story

The leak was discovered by a NeoGAF forum member who discovered a listing on the Playstation store for “The Last Of Us: Remastered Edition” for PS4 – and posted this screenshot for proof:


So that’s pretty much confirmation, right? This image has also emerged floating around Twitter – calling it the “Game of a Generation” edition:


So to the surprise of no one, it seems that Sony are intent on releasing the hugely acclaimed title on their newest console – not only is it an easy way of bolstering the so-far lacklustre line-up, but it’ll provide another opportunity for Xbox 360 players to consider switching allegiances before upgrading to the latest generation.

Obviously there’s no details on a release date yet (Sony’s official reaction has been essentially: “What is this? Good heavens! I think you are mistaken!”) – but we’ll update you when we hear something.

James O’Malley
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