Catch-up: All of the games and trailers from the Playstation / PS4 E3 keynote

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We’ve seen what Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft have coming – but what of that other big beat, Sony? Read on to see all of the games and trailers from its keynote.



We’ve known about this new shooter from Bungie for some time – but what we didn’t know is how soon we’ll get to play it. Though the game is officially due for release on 9th September, there will be an open beta available on July 17th and an pre-alpha version available to play on PS4… this weekend!

The Order: 1866

Another trailer for the long awaited steam punk shooter.


Its about two souls who are in love… but can’t be together. Some sort of puzzle game that looks a bit like an acid trip. You have to control two dragons at once by using both analogue sticks. It’s available RIGHT NOW in the Playstation store on PS4 – with PS3 and Vita to follow.

Infamous: First Light

You don’t need to own Infamous Second Son to play it (so another Blood Dragon-style spin-off, essentially) – but if you do, you get more to do. Launching in August.

Little Big Planet 3

A new instalment in the popular game-builder series. There’s a number of new characters – including a dog, and it looks adorable. The best bit? All of the levels made in the previous games are also playable in LBP3 – but with nicer graphics. Due this Christmas. Lovely.


New IP! Monsters in an old-timey world by the look of it. With a big old scythe.

Far Cry 4

We saw the first five minutes in the Ubisoft presentation, but we got to see some extra gameplay footage in the Sony conference.

Dead Island 2

At last! A proper sequel to Dead Island. There will be an exclusive beta only on PS4.

Diablo 3…

This was a weird one – it was just thrown in there that when Diablo 3 comes to the PS4 there will be a special “Last of Us” themed dungeon. Umm, okay.

Battlefield: Hardline

This seems a little bit unnecessary now that the beta is out, but hey – Sony showed off some more of what we can expect from Hardline.

Magicka 2

Very funny trailer for this new RPG.

Grim Fandango remastered

Well this was… unexpected. Tim Schafer’s point ‘n’ click classic Grim Fandango is getting remastered on PS4 and PS Vita. We’re not complaining.

Indie Montage

Much like Microsoft did, Sony opted to show a short montage of some of the forthcoming indie games. Check ’em out.

Let It Die


No Man’s Sky

We’re not sure what this is, but it has space ships, dinosaurs and lurid colours. Apparently no two players will have the same experience.

YouTube and Twitch

Finally! YouTube is coming to PS4 – not only will you be able to watch, but also stream similar to how you can now via Twitch.

Apparently Twitch and Ustream streaming will also be beefed up – allowing you to jump directly into the game that you’re watching.

Unfortunately we don’t have a video of this bit… because, well, have you ever searched YouTube for YouTube?

Free to Play games

Sony appear to be going big on Free To Play games – showcasing a tonne of free games that will be appearing on both PS4 and PS Vita.

PS Now & Playstation TV

We heard a few more details about PS Now, the PS3 game streaming service. Apparently it’ll be going into a beta on the PS4 (but only in the US) at the end of July, and as expected the service will (eventually) be rolled out to PS Vita, PS3 and even select Sony Smart TVs, providing that you have a Dual Shock 3 to play it

It was also announced that “Playstation TV” – the small plugin box that lets you play Vita titles on your TV is coming to the West. This too will also let you play PS Now titles, and apparently you can even stream PS4 games to it, so you can play them in another room – and will only cost about £80.

Mortal Combat X

Well this looks… violent.

TV and movies

Now this is not a game but a live action TV show that Sony are making for the Playstation platform… not that there was any footage to see yet. Hmm.

What they did have though was a trailer for a forthcoming Ratchet & Clank movie:

Apparently Sony are working on a “reimagined” version of the original game too.

The Last Of Us

No surprises here but nice to see – TLOU is getting remastered for PS4, and it looks astonishing.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Again, no surprises not least because the trailer leaked yesterday – but its easy to get excited about this game.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Another expected announcement but man… look at those visuals! The game is getting a next gen upgrade and here’s the best bit: You’ll be able to take your save game and online progress with you to the PS4, whether you played first time around on PS3 or even Xbox 360. BRILLIANT.

Batman: Arkham Knight

We got to see more from the forthcoming Batman game – including the all new “Battle Mode”.

Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End

Nathan Drake is back! Sony showed off some gameplay footage from the game.

Wow, that’s a lot of games.

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