5 things to do when Facebook is down

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1) Actually do some work


Start with the obvious. Remember the reason you came into the office in the first place? It wasn’t to sit at a desk and silently judge the people you used to go to school with.

2) Tweet about Facebook being down

Everyone else already has done, so you may as well join in.


3) Vacuum your duck

With the fast pace of modern life, it can be easy to put off the important, but not time-sensitive things, like vacuuming your duck. So plug in the hoover and get quacking.


4) Read all about the new Amazon Fire Phone


Amazon announced the new phone yesterday – and it has a really interesting head-tracking camera built into it. You can read our big feature on it to find out more.

5) Use Google+


Only joking – no one would be that crazy.

James O’Malley
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